Tahiti Iti

Tahiti, Pearl of the Pacifique…

Pearl of the Pacific

Tahiti « Perle of the pacifique ». “Pearl of the Pacific”. There is a reluctance to write these words that “cliché”. Yet the reputation of this island is not overrated. The landscapes are like oases between tranquility and beauty. Under a often capricious sky, impressive mountains rear their peaks with strange shapes. Green valleys are the birthplace of rivers with fresh and clear water.

Lush vegetation.Flowers in profusion, some give off a sweet and disturbing perfume. Coconut trees stand along the coast, they bend facing the wind. The translucent blue and clear water of the lagoons reflects amazing landscapes. Shady paths lead to breathtaking waterfalls, peaks with grand views.

Polynesian information

For your stay in Polynesia, be aware that, like all other countries, Polynesia has its specificities :

  • The climate is tropical and the best season runs from April to November. The rest of the year is rain-fed mainly on the volcanic islands. Temperatures are pleasant throughout the year with maximum between 28 °C and 30 °C C and minimum of 24 °C to 25 °C. The water temperature is always pleasant and never drops below 25 °C.
  • Le décalage horaire est de 12h en été et 11h en hiver par rapport à Paris. Les îles Marquises et Gambier ont une demi-heure d’avance sur l’heure de Tahiti.
  • Your passport must be valid even six months after your return to your country.
  • Warning for flights beyond the United States. In case of obligation to customs formalities in this country, an electronic passport is mandatory.
  • The flight time is around 22h from Paris to Papeete.
  • Currency : Pacific Franc. 1 Euro = 119.3317 Pacific Francs.
  • Credit cards are accepted almost everywhere except in some atolls still poorly equipped.
  • You can exchange in banks, international hotels or at the Tahiti’s airport.
  • Provide summer clothes for the day, and for the evening long pants and a sweater. Do not forget your swimsuit, your hat or cap, sunglasses, protective sun cream, mosquito repellant, camera , driving license …
  • Update tetanus vaccines, polio and hepatitis A recommended.
  • 220v electricity. European plugs

Tahiti iti

Tahiti Iti, also called the Presqu’île (Peninsula) means quite literally “little Tahiti”. Found in the south of Tahiti and attached to Tahiti Nui via the isthmus at Taravao, the Presqu’île has a surface area of 140 square kilometres. The highest point in Tahiti Iti is Mount Ronui which peaks at 1332m. The biggest towns on the Presqu’île are Taravao, Vairao and Teahupoo (on the west coast) and Tautira (on the east coast).

The Presqu’île is wild and unspoiled. It is here where you can see the most beautiful coral in Tahiti. In fact, researchers from the CRIOBE (Insular Research Centre and Environment Observatory) come often to the Presqu’île from Moorea to study the optimum parameters for coral development.

On the Presqu’île you can watch whales in complete serenity. As well as the show that these vast cetaceans put on for you, you can also make the most of Tahiti Iti’s majestic scenery as seen from the ocean.

Presqu’île Pensions

There are several different pensions or guest houses on the Presqu’île that can offer you a place to stay.

On the east coast of Tahiti Nui :

Fare Arearea in Faone PK 46

On the west coast of the Presqu’île:

Vanira lodge in Teahupoo
Villa Mitirapa at Toahotu

On the east coast of the Presqu’île:

Punatea Village in Afaahiti
Pueu Village in Pueu

Te Pari

Along the Te Pari between Teahupoo and Tautira (only accessible by boat) :

Pension Bonjouir
Reva Teahupoo